Services: Body Corporate

Who partakes in the process ?

  • The parties are, You the owner and Trustees delegating your responsibility of management to us, JRL Property Management CC. as Manager
  • The Body Corporate / Section 21 Co or H.O.A.’s assets becomes the subject of common interest when mandated to us by the Owners , Trustees with instruction to manage such property at the most effective manner.
  • JRL Property Management CC. accepts responsibility for such management to tend to it with care and due diligence whereby we aim to ensure that:
    • Assets are properly taken care of.
    • Needed repairs affected.
    • Optimal equity achieved.
    • Assets covered on Insurance and claims properly administered.
    • Rates and Taxes and other budgeted and authorized expenses paid.
    • Books of accounting properly held
    • Adherence to all stipulations of the act.
    • Training of Trustees to become knowledgeable on the aspects of the act and management of the affairs of the Body Corporate
    • We have realized that in this process we will have to engage in a process of forward and backward integration with service providers, and once appointed will integrate an effective plan.

The Process

  • Once appointed an audit will be conducted on all present processes to ensure that you adhere to all aspects of the Act as pre-mentioned. This in particular will include :
    • Conduct Rules and adherence
    • Minutes and procedures
    • Replacement values and quota share allocations
    • Repairs and maintenance
    • Insurance, cover and claims validation
    • Human Resource Procedural adherence.(Contracts ,UIF, Skills development levy Etc.)
    • Human Resource responsibility areas including job descriptions , performance appraisal and outcome measurement
    • Assessment of TQM standard and preventative maintenance plans
    • Auditors and appointments and their particular responsibility
    • Domicilium Rules
    • Interest Rates and Penalties.
    • Non permanent structures and their validity.
    • Parking on communal property.
    • Debtors and Accounts with Attorneys.
  • In this process we will ensure that:
    • The property will be visited by JRL on a regular basis
    • Consultative improvement planning be undertaken

Banking Procedures

  • We believe that contrary to the norm of banking through a centralized trust account as allowed by the act, a separate banking account to be opened in the name of Your Body Corporate Section 21 Co. / H.O.A’s. The advantages are:
    • Ease of reconciliation of transactions especially bank charges and levy payments
    • Audit procedural efficiency , ie, only your transactions reflected. Independent Auditors have already confirmed that this procedure simplifies their audit and ability to comply with GAAP rules.[Generally Accepted Accounting Practice]